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Our Work

City of Beaumont

Self-drive it on home

The City of Beaumont built a successful autonomous shuttle program, but the public didn’t understand.

Our job was to help educate the public about the program in a way that was fun and engaging while communicating the impact of its success on the community.


In 2019, zag was enlisted to help the City of Beaumont communicate the success of its Autonomous Vehicles Shuttle Pilot Program to its publics and key stakeholders. The program was initially received poorly, and the city asked zag to drive home its success and change public opinion — a job we don’t take lightly!


zag created a report for the City of Beaumont highlighting the key achievements of the Autonomous Vehicles Shuttle Pilot Program including visuals that drew on the city’s unique branding (completed by zag in 2019). The report included the project’s objectives, media coverage and marketing opportunities, as well as resulting business and industry attention, key findings from the execution, feedback on riding in an autonomous shuttle, consumption statistics of the vehicles and the cost of the project to the city and its partners.

The end product was a transparent portal into this project for the city, effectively communicating its objectives and the resulting impact on the city’s organizational goals. Through clear language and engaging visuals, the zag team created a concise report that plainly communicated the success of the project. The report was well-received by the team at the City of Beaumont and will be put on the first shuttle to the public soon.




“In 2019, the City of Beaumont hosted a pilot project featuring a fully autonomous shuttle operating on a public road with regular traffic, a first in Western Canada. The purpose was twofold: to observe and gather data on how the vehicle and public interact, and to generate business and investment interest by showcasing the community’s openness to innovation.

At the conclusion of the project, we needed to report back to residents on a project that involved complex technological details and benefits to the community that would not be immediately evident. zag worked with us to understand our objectives and present information about the project and its outcomes in a way that was visually engaging, friendly, and easy-to-understand.”

- Mike Berezowsky, Director, Communications & Marketing | City of Beaumont
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