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Our Work

Fort Edmonton Park

Celebrating the many reasons to explore.

Heritage sites, a theme park, and an abundance of entertainment events.

How do you advertise them simultaneously without cluttering the message? zag took on Fort Edmonton Park's advertising under a retainer approach in order to give this client a cohesive kickstart into a bright future. Find out just what we did to boost their year-over-year admissions by 27%.


Fort Edmonton Park is a beloved historic attraction in Edmonton's river valley. The Park was up against some legacy issues, including disjointed brand collateral and a fragmented approach to marketing events and activities. Everything needed to be managed proactively so that the Park's team could stick to do what they do best: entertain!


We knew it all had to start with cohesion. All of the collateral, advertising, and content had to look like they were coming from the same place. In our first year together, we overhauled Fort Edmonton Park's creative and developed a visual style that would serve them well into the future and complemented it with a stunning creative campaign.

With a foundation of consistency built, we could take the brand onward and upward. From campaigns to social media management, zag took it all on. Our most recent campaign strategy was formed around the insight that when patrons visit the Park, they feel incredible moments of vibrancy — they feel alive!

These moments stay with people throughout their years. We developed the "Live It" campaign which tapped into these moments. The surreal photography style aimed to instil nostalgia in viewers, awakening their desires to rediscover the Park. The copy line served as an invitation to draw the user in to experience those moments of pure, unadulterated joy.


Each year, this main campaign serves as a cornerstone to the approach we take with additional marketing pieces. Ergo, the "Live It" campaign was applied to messages not only regarding general admission, but also the Park's many additional entertainment events as well. We wrote clever parallel lines that would promote these events while also reinforcing the "Live It" campaign and lengthening its tenure in the public eye. In all, the campaign was able to connect with Edmontonians across online ads, social media, print, and a variety of out-of-home placements including transit and billboard.


As a result of zag’s eagerness to become an extension of the Fort Edmonton Park team and as their marketing arm, their staff members were able to focus more heavily on programming, event coordination, and what truly matters most to them: the customer experience.


In our first year working together, we were able to achieve an increase in admissions to the park of 21% from the year prior, as well as an increase of 27% in annual passes sold. Online, Fort Edmonton Park has celebrated a 7.2% growth in Instagram followers, and a 75% increase in Twitter post engagement.
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