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Our Work

The Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital Foundation

Bringing Awareness into Focus

The Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital Foundation (GRHF) makes a big difference in the lives of Edmontonians, but didn’t have the awareness to match.

In order to motivate Edmontonians to donate to the Foundation, our advertisements needed to educate them on the presence of, and purpose behind, the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital and the Foundation that supports it.


The Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital is a key provider of rehabilitation services to Albertans. The Foundation supports the hospital through fundraising for innovation, technology, equipment and research — improving outcomes and helping patients rediscover their full potential. GRHF needed help communicating its value to potential donors. To raise awareness of its mission, improve understanding of how its dollars are allocated and diversify funding segments, zag knew GRHF needed to stand out from the crowd in a major way. The goal: to make the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital Foundation the charity of choice for transformational giving!


The campaign, “Rehabilitation is Not One-Dimensional”, illustrates GRHF’s multi-faceted approach to rehabilitation and recovery by highlighting the three main enrichments the foundation provides: technology, innovation and research. Just as 3D glasses bring overlaid images into focus, the foundation utilizes three dimensions to bring rehabilitation into focus. By overlaying three images in black, red and blue to mimic the way that 3D glasses work, zag illustrated the dimensions of rehabilitation and the journey of patients on their road to recovery. Accompanying messaging was customized to target the different audience segments: donors and community ambassadors. These bright and bold ads were implemented through digital and social media advertising, directing to a landing page designed by zag. The digital ads targeted charitable professionals and directed traffic to glenrosefoundation.com/dimensions where users could explore in-depth the meaning behind each dimension of rehabilitation, as well as discover different ways to donate. In addition to Google Search and Display ads, zag recommended that The Glenrose Hospital Foundation advertise on Facebook and Instagram — platforms with a high ability to reach the target audiences.


  • Strategic Planning
  • Google Ads
  • Social Media Ads
  • Landing Page Development
  • Website Updates
  • Organic Social Media


The Glenrose Hospital Foundation’s digital awareness campaign has been extremely successful, exceeding industry benchmarks. Glenrose’s click-through rate for its display ads delivered an average of 2.5 times the click-through rate compared to that of the industry standard while the click-through rate for its social media ads was consistently three times greater that of the industry standard.
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