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Our Work

Papa John's Pizza

Taking a slice out of the competition.

A well-known name in the United States, Papa John's Canada is just beginning to grow its empire in its friendly neighbour to the north.

In order to start to generate some pizza traction, Papa John's Canada enlisted zag creative to begin to find its brand voice and secret ingredient for success.


With low brand awareness and trial in a landscape that is flooded with pizza options, our opportunity was to begin to introduce and establish the Papa John's value propositions to a new country with new audience ideals.


National Brand. Regional Reputation

In order to begin to introduce itself to a new audience that has different innate wants and needs than its American counterpart, we had to consider positioning that not only connected with various audience groups, but that also rooted itself in a common belief.

Our experience has taught us that by nature Canadians choose to align themselves with authentic, transparent, and value-based companies. They also place a priority on health, and making better choices for themselves and their families when possible.

Since the pizza category is extremely competitive, we also needed to figure out a way to start to disrupt the ecosystem. What can we do that will steal marketshare?

Through these analyses we carved a clear window of opportunity, taking the Papa John's well-known tagline of "better ingredients.better pizza" and clarifying what makes it the better choice. To do so, we exemplified what it means by stating everything that it "isn't." This messaging strategically highlighted unwanted ingredients and created associations that the competitors did, in fact, have all these things that does not meet Papa John's' superior criteria.

Pizza Gets Social

In addition to a executing a full suite of traditional and non-traditional throughout various campaigns, we are now working with Papa John's International, managing all of their Canadian social media.


  • Out-of-Home
  • Google Ads (Search & Display)
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  • Twitter Ads
  • Radio Ads
  • Organic Social Content
  • Flyers
  • In-Store Collateral
  • Video / YouTube



"Since partnering with zag creative, brand awareness has never been better and our trend went from a negative sales growth over last year to a positive one! In the short time we have been working with zag, we have attracted new consumers, seen an improvement in our overall image and are experiencing a positive effect on our bottom line! Alyson & the zag team are creative, dynamic & knowledgeable, if you haven’t hired them yet, my suggestion is do it as soon as possible, you won’t be disappointed!"

- Teresa Crecy, Perfect Delivery Canada | Papa John’s Pizza
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