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Tech gets a modern reboot.

solūt, formerly known as SNS Technologists, is a thriving IT and consulting business located in downtown Edmonton, Alberta.

They've always been savvy, friendly, and modern, but their brand wasn't singing the same tune. They engaged the zag team to develop a name and brand that would perfectly align with who they are while resonating with the modern entrepreneur.


Back when they first launched the business, SNS Technologists was known as Second Nature Solutions. The company was a few partners strong and those partners had big dreams. Fast-forward to today and those dreams have been realized. It was clear that with the growth they had attained and a move to a new space on the horizon, it was now time to rethink the name and brand.


To decide where to take this brand, we had to dig deep. We wanted to fully understand who the organization was and what they stood for before we rushed any decisions. Through the process, we began to understand that the people there are not your stereotypical tech nerds. They're a genuine and personable team with a knack for uncomplicating problems for their clients.

We arrived at the name solūt, pronounced much like "Salut!" — what'd you'd say if you were lifting a glass to cheers your friends from Quebec. The name is a play on the word solutions, which cleverly ties back to the previous names. solūt is memorable and chock full of personality, just like the team it represents.

We knew that the brand needed to be fresh and bright, not unlike a colour scheme you would expect from a Silicon Valley startup. We settled on a citrusy colour palette of lemon and lime that helps to modernize the identity. The maze icon in the visual identity — subtly made from the name solūt itself — is representative of the team's greatest value proposition: problem-solving. Overall, the font, colours, and icon come together to create a personality that perfectly balances vivacity and professionalism.

This brand rollout required a great many assets to be redone, from business cards to the website. zag was able to assist by beginning with a strategic plan and weaving the bright personality and witty tone of voice throughout all of the assets.


  • Brand Strategy
  • Visual Identity
  • Name Development
  • Brand Collateral
  • Content Strategy
  • Website Development
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